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FERS Pre-Retirement Planning

This important 3-Day Pre-Retirement Planning FERS course is designed for all FERS employees. We will provide students, with a clear understanding of their FERS benefits system.  It will detail FERS benefits, Social Security, Thrift Savings Plan, Health & Life Insurance, Financial and Estate planning. We will explain how all the above information blends together, to help you and your family have a rewarding and well thought out planned retirement.

Target Audience:  New to the government, Mid-Career and close to retirement employees.


  • Eligibility
  • Factors Affecting Annuity Computation
  • Computation Examples
  • The SRS
  • Retired Military/Military Time
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Variable Interest Rates
  • Federal Tax Liabilities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Issues of 6-C (When applicable)
  • Firefighters (When Applicable)
  • Military Reserve Technicians (Title 32) (When Applicable)
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Post Retirement Issues
  • Medicare A, B & D
  • Special Retirement Supplement (SRS)


  • Complete Overview
  • Qualifying for Social Security
  • SS Disability
  • How to Apply
  • Retirement Age Increase
  • Earnings Limitations
  • Auxiliary Benefits
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Taxation


  • Complete Discussion on TSP
  • The Funds
  • C-F-G-I-L-S Funds
  • Deposits/Withdrawals

Practical Financial Planning

  • Asset, Tax, Money Considerations


  • Wills, Trusts, Probate, Medical Directives


  • Relocating/Refinancing
  • Practicing Good Health
  • Things to do with all that Time

A Successful Retirement Involves Planning.
We Provide the Tools.

$600 per employee 

Cost includes: Full training, large workbook, extra materials.  Accompanying employee’s Spouse/Partner is free, based upon space availability.  Your Spouse/Partner will be expected to share the workbook, and needs to be pre-registered for the class. If you wish to purchase a workbook, for your  spouse/Partner, the cost will be $25.

Register early and avoid cancellations. We will confirm or cancel a class, based on enrollment, 4 weeks prior to the start of the program.

Agency On-site Programs:  Call us about agency sponsored course discounts for 30 or more employees at your location.  Phone: (619) 697-1334 e-mail:  Please reserve your programs early.  2018 is already started to fill up, for on-site requested classes.

Airline Tickets
Please do not buy airline tickets until the course is confirmed. Students are responsible for their own airline tickets and hotel reservations. They are not included in the cost.


When we confirm the course, our Confirmation will list hotel or meeting site, address, city and State.  We will give you telephone numbers and driving directions to the conference location.  Our confirmations usually go out no later than 1 month prior to the start of the program.  At that time, we will run your credit cards for payment, and then send the cardholders a receipt of payment.

Course Dates and Locations  FY 2018

2018       City  
January 30, 31, Feb. 1, 2018 Honolulu, HI – Ford Island, Pearl Harbor   (Finished)    
May 8, 9, 10, 2018 Sacramento, CA
May 21, 22, 23, 2018 Boise, ID
June 4, 5, 6, 2018 Portland, OR
June 12, 13, 14, 2018 San Diego, CA 
September 18, 19, 20, 2018 Reno, NV
November 6, 7, 8, 2018 Portland, OR